The Summit - Original Story Sample
Single-Panel Slideshow
This is a an original story featuring characters from one of my feature screenplays.
Flip though the slideshow above with your mouse or arrow keys, or watch the timed animatic below.
Script and Thumbnails
I always start with writing a script for an original sample. Once I'm satisfied with the emotional progression of the scene, I start figuring out key compositions and layouts on top of the script. 
For roughs/thumbnails, I switch over to Storyboard Pro and draw directly into the thumbnail view. These screengrabs were taken shortly after I started tying down drawings, so some will look a bit cleaner than usual! 
BIONICLE Battle - Action Story Sample 
Single-Panel Slideshow
This action scene is inspired by characters and stories from the LEGO BIONICLE series. 
Click through the slideshow above with your mouse or arrow keys, or watch the timed animatic below.
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